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Database Design
We specialise in all aspects of Database design, administration and management.
  • Microsoft SQL 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2

  • Microsoft Access (all versions)

  • Building from scratch

  • Fixing broken or poorly written databases

  • Optimisation and management of existing Databases

  • Writing TSQL code and stored procedures

  • Data import and export

  • Migration from one version to another

  • Migration across database platforms (DBase to SQL; Access to SQL etc.)

What database is best?

In our opinion SQL Server is the best solution.

It's no longer out of reach for the small business; SQL Server Express is FREE! and is fine for most small to medium sized businesses.

We also work with Microsoft Access and our preffered versions are 2007 or 2010. Previous versions are now prety much outdated.
If you want a small Database with only a few users and you want to tinker yourself then MS Access is a good solution.

However if you have many concurent users and/or high data volumes then SQL Server is a must.
The advantage of SQL Server over MS Access is improved performance, security and it's more robust.

If your users need to connect over the Web then SQL Server located on a secure Server is really the only way to go.


The most import part of any Database project is getting the design right.
If that step fails then trouble will lie ahead.

We spend the time with you getting to know your data and your exact requirements.
It is important to know what information will be stored in the database and how this
information will be used.

We look at how the data will be input right through to what type of reports will be required.

If a solid basic structure is in place the rest will become much easier.
There will always be a degree of tweaking and manipulation, but the more effort in the early stages the less fiddling later.

Optimisation and Management

A common problem encountered as a database becomes older and more used - is it slows down.

This can be due to a poorly written structure or could be lack of maintenance.

Databases nearly always require constant maintaining. Indexes need re-building, temp tables
needing resizing and Logs need archiving.

We can help develop "Maintenance Plans" and "Backup Strategies".

We can also fix poorly written parts of the database by adding indexing, creating lookup tables,
rewriting queries and stored procedures, etc.

We can analyse the database to check for "Lock-Outs" and bottlenecks.

Data Import and Export

We can help when it comes to getting your data into your Database or out of your Database.

From simple import scripts all the way up to complex Data Transformation Services.

We can also link data from MS Access, MS Excel and SQL Server together.

For more complex solutions we can write specific T-SQL stored procedures and run them via batch routines.

Finally we have experience in Replication software - if you need your data distributed across multiple sites.


Moving from one type of Database to another may seem a simple process but can be fraught with danger.

We can help plan the move to ensure no nasty surprises.

How much work will depend on the type, size and complexity
of the Database. You also need to ask yourself how much down
time you can allow for the process to take place.

What if things don't go as planned? You need a Fall-Back plan in place just in case.

For really complex migrations we advise building test routines and running these offline on a test Database first.

T-SQL Stored Procedures and Query Writing

We have years of experience writing queries for Databases.

You may be happy with your database, but need help writing a specific stored procedure. Or you may have a query that needs optimising.

We can write
  • Bulk UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE queries

  • Complex SELECT queries

  • Transactional queries

  • Nested stored procedures

  • Triggers

  • Queries that utilise special system SP's

  • Transact-SQL Cursors